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In November 1966, a group of stockbreeders of the Osona district held the founding assembly of the Cooperativa Agrària Comarcal PlanadeVic with the aim of creating a body that would defend their interests more effectively and coordinate the farmers, seeking solutions to the economic and organisational problems that affected them.

In 1968, following many formalities and obstacles resulting from the political scenario of the time, the Madrid government gave its approval to the company: CAC, Cooperativa Agrària Comarcal PlanadeVic. During this waiting period, the CAC organised a nucleus of milk production control, managed the import of cows from Denmark and offered small-scale services to its members.

A few years later, in 1975, the feed factory was built in Santa Eugènia de Berga, where to the present day the production process of animal feed has been developed, selecting the finest materials on the market, with cutting-edge technology and nutritional parameters adapted to each member's needs. The aim is to achieve the maximum efficiency of the farms through the way the livestock are fed.

In 1977, in Vic, the cooperative opened the Economat, a commercial space where members and customers can find the majority of farm products, which has always offered personalised attention with expert advice as a central axis. It also has a pharmaceutical service for the members' farms.

Between the decades of the 1970s and the 1990s, the cooperative introduced new services for its members, such as veterinary, agricultural and administrative services and the commercialisation of animals and milk.

In the year 2000, PlanadeVic took a step forward and created a credit section for its members. Later on it inaugurated the quality and environment areas.

In 2005, Cooperativa PlanadeVic entered the world of food distribution with the creation of the PlanadeVic shops, with the goal of seeking a new sphere of sustainability for the agrofoodstuffs sector and thus being able to complete the food control circle with the commercialisation phase.

 50 years
of service to farmers

The shops sell products of the members' farms and of other cooperatives and craftspeople.

In 2010 the Cooperative acquired Carnovic, a meat-cutting room that ensures 100% traceability of the meat and guarantees an end product of the highest quality, to supply both the network of PlanadeVic shops and other channels of commercialisation (catering, collectives and other food establishments).

At the end of 2012, the cooperative began to participate as a partner and manager of a number of pork farms. This collaboration has enabled it to open up a new range of possibilities in genetic and food research, testing efficiency in production in order to transfer it later to the members' farms.

The historical evolution of Cooperativa PlanadeVic shows that it preserves the philosophy with which it was created in 1966: to act as a motor in a process of constant innovation, with a human team identified with the project, always seeking collaborations with other companies and with the intention that the members can continue to give life to the territory and the country.

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