Cooperativa Plana de Vic

Cooperativa PlanadeVic handles the management of grants and subsidies, insurance, documentation, legal matters, livestock facilities and economic services for its members, who in this way can process all kinds of assistances associated with the agricultural world:

  • Refund of the hydrocarbon tax
  • DUN and the single payment
  • Since 2007, the cooperative has been an integral consultancy body of the global farm contract (CGE) with the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Foodstuffs and Rural Action (DAR).

The cooperative performs management and consultancy tasks for any farms that require them and have signed a CGE in the areas of agricultural production, livestock farming, transformation, commercialisation, business management, diversification of the agricultural economy, occupational safety, environmental management and conditionality. The consultancy bodies are entrusted with making a prior diagnosis of the farm and an action plan to increase the livestock farm's viability. This sphere includes the grants and subsidies given by the public administration related with the modernisation of agrarian farms, incorporation of young people and diversification of agricultural activities. The CGE is a voluntary collaboration agreement between the farm owner and the administration, with the ultimate goal of fostering the viability of the farm through sustainable development.

For years PlanadeVic has been a service point of insurance policies:

In farm policies, the technicians visit the farm and carry out the study in accordance with the member's requirements and then present the study to the various companies that offer different quotas. The member chooses the company according to the price or the benefits.

The policy can cover the farm, the house, milk or straw, fodder, death of livestock, specific machinery such as water pumps or milk vats, civil liability of the farm, insurance (Agroseguro) for arable and livestock farms and legal defence and claims in representation of the farm.

In addition, the members can choose between the coverages of various firms regarding the insurance of vehicles, comparing prices and benefits at a glance.

Finally, in insurance policies on agricultural machinery, third-party civil liability insurance of a tractor plus any number of trailers is offered at a competitive price.

The member can process, directly at the cooperative, all the formalities related with the animal identification system that are carried out at the DAR: registrations, withdrawals and movements of animals to other farms or to the abattoir, saving queuing and waiting times at the district office. Similarly, we offer the possibility of managing the cattle registration book.

We offer a consultancy service on all types of alteration works, new livestock facilities and adaptations of farms, in addition to all types of materials for the facilities.

In collaboration with an external technical office, we offer an engineering service in all the areas related with the agrofishery and foodstuffs sector: projects of legalisation or new construction, advice on remodellings or adaptations to new regulations, topographic studies, and so on.

We also offer an economic consultancy service for new investments, alterations and adaptations and the performance of viability studies. We also offer our members advice on financing matters.

In another sphere, we offer a monitoring service of cost control in pork farms and dairy farms.


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